what is a "wet torch" tig welder

by roger coffelt
(mcminnville orgegon)

i am purchasing a lincoln idealarc (model number??) and they say it has a "Wet torch".

what does that mean ?

its a older machine with all the foot control and leads and stuff but i dont understand what a wet torch is,and i cant find a definition anywhere?? help!



probably just means a water cooled torch.
Air cooled torches got the nickname "dry rig" years ago. Maybe thats why they are calling it a wet rig.

if thats the case, you will either need to buy an air cooled torch, of a water cooler.

an air cooled torch is cheaper, but a lot of folks just hook up a hose to the water block and drain the water outside to avoid having to pony up 500 or 600 bones for a cooler.

thanks for the post and good luck ,


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