What is the advantage of spray transfer compared to globular transfer with Mig?

by Paul Kingsbury
(Bend, OR)

Today I finally played with spray transfer “other than welding Aluminum with my spool gun”. It was kind of fun and interesting; I was using 75/25 mix and turned up the volume of gas to get good welds. I see a lower percentage of CO2 is recommended. I’m using 0.030 solid core wire in an old SP-200 Lincoln, I was almost at the top end of power and wire feed speed. It made good welds but the 1/8” metal I was welding on got REALLY hot.
Could you give me the pros and cons of spray transfer and why I would want to use it more?
Thanks, Paul Kingsbury


spray transfer is a help for thick metals done in flat or horizontal positions when penetration is the name of the game.

globular is useless in my opinion.

for production, spray can increase speed.

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