What is the right machine?

by Andy B.
(PA )

By the way this site is the bomb, so helpful. But to get to the point, I have a Lincoln ranger 250 and I want to learn to TIG weld. I work for a outfit that is getting into alot more aluminum welding and I want to learn to TIG so I can get my welding rig on the payroll more. They do not have one and I have already been asked to get one. I would like to know basically what machine I should buy to run off my ranger that would be best for me. I figure alot of TIG welding is in the future for me if i get one, so I don't want to get too small of a machine or a too expensive a one, thats a overkill. Also I would only like one that will work on my ranger so I can't be told to go plug it into their shop wall and forfeit my rig pay. I'm not sure if thats possible. If so this plan is shot in the butt. I am 21 years old and am out to be the best all around welder I can be. I am very sure I can pick up on TIG welding fast. I am already a successful SMAW pipe welder.
Thank you.


The thickness of the aluminum is the biggest factor.

if you want to ease into it, either the lincoln invertec v205t or miller dynasty 200dx both run off generator power and are 200 amp machines.

you can go thicker than they say if you get a cylinder of 80/20 helium/argon for aluminum over 1/8" thick.

using the triangle wave form along with 80/20 hel/ar really kicks it up a notch.

regards, and good luck


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