what kind of jobs are fcaw specific?

by Keith Collver
(Milwaukie, OR, USA)

I'm new to the industry and am wanting to certifiy in FCAW but am unsure to what code standard. What kind of industry uses Fcaw more than Mig?


From my experience, heavy equipment like Caterpillar, Shipyards, structural steel work like on high rises, armored vehicles, all use fcaw.
the test could be 3/8 thick or even 1 inch thick.
usually a backing plate is used.
a 22 1/2 degree bevel on each plate making for a 45 degree included angle is common.
a 1/4 inch gap. Tests are all over the board depending on the contractor and scope of work

would you post this on our new forum? you might get some better answers from welders in these industries.


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