WHATS GMAW spray transfer

what does GMAW stand for?


GMAW stands for gas metal arc welding.
GMAW-S stands for gas metal arc welding short circuit.

more commonly used terms are:

mig welding, wire welding, short arc, wire feed welding, and wire gun.

the cheaper light duty machines you see in home depot, lowes, and online, often are set up with innershield wire to weld without gas and thats called flux core.

but there is also heavy duty flux core that uses flux cored wire in addition to shielding gas to provide a higher quality and more productive weld deposit.

short circuit is the process used by most hobbyists , small shop fabricators, etc.
its clean, with relatively low heat input is versatile enough to be used for sheet metal as well as thick plate on various metals.

spray transfer mig is hot, its the kind of gas metal arc welding used for railroad box cars, and other production welding where speed and high heat are needed.

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