Whats with everyone wanting me to run hardwire verticle?

by Ken

I have a coupon test later today, and the last 2 tests I have taken both wanted me to run hardwire vertical. I've been working the same job for 5 years and they would run people off for running downhill, let alone up.

Any tips for doing this?



who knows why the sudden change in weld test requirements or details? It could be a new project that was evaluated by a welding engineer or analyst and it was determined uphill mig with bare wire was going to be used and therefor was going to be part of the weld testing requirements.

One of the main reasons bare wire mig is not used much for structural applications is because there are additional testing requirements according to AWS codes.

Flux core and Stick welding are deemed less likely to cold lap and therefore are acknowledged in AWS welding codes with pre-qualfied procedures. whereas all welding procedures are required to be tested and qualified with gmaw-s mig bare wire short circuit.

the technique boils down to correct settings, and staying on the leading edge of the puddle.

I made a video recently using 3/8" test plates with downhill root and uphill fill and cap.

hope it helps..

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