When to use a gas lens?

by Rob
(Tracy CA)

Hi Jody, I have been reading and absorbing everything on your site and it is a great resource. I really like how you get straight to the point and cut through all the BS...

I am a beginning TIG welder (have about 20 years of MIG experience) I purchased a nearly-new Syncrowave 180SD and have set about learning to TIG. My main interest is to be able to weld thin stainless steel steet and tubing, (.040" - .060") for things such as tanks, exhaust headers, 3 to 4" diameter intake tubing for turbo applications, etc.

I have mostly just been practicing on thicker material (like 1/8") at this point. My TIG practice welds still look like fido's ass but hopefully not for long.

Anyway, I have heard several folks say that I need to use a gas lens for welding thin stainless, I understand that the gas lens straightens out the gas flow into more of a column, my question would be, when would YOU recommend use of a gas lens and, is it a good idea to just use one all the time? Are they also beneficial when welding Aluminum?



you could just use one all the time.

there are some aluminum jobs that actually weld better without one. A lot of old timers use the old school cups for aluminum though they cant explain why.

for thin stainless and carbon steel and most aluminum jobs , it helps to use one.

...except for zinc plated steel or brass because the spitting will clog up the screen

thanks for the post,


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