which TIG to buy

by Dan
(Colchester, VT)

Thanks for the great site!

I am new to welding but have some projects that I'd like to do. I am restoring an old boat and need to make a swim platform. I'd like to make the frame out of stainless tubing. I would also like to be able to do a variety of other small jobs.

From what I've read on your site it sounds like a TIG welder is the way to go. It will have to be able to be plugged in to household power as I have no access to 240.

What machine do you recommend? (best 115/120V TIG machine for the money)

Any thoughts on the Lincoln Electric Invertec V155-S TIG Ready-Pak Welder? If I bought this one what else would I need to buy to be ready to weld?

Thanks for your help!


Thats probably a good unit. I know a contractor who uses one along side a miller maxstar 150 to weld stainless tubing all day. he uses both equally.

looks like it comes well stocked so you will need a cylinder of argon and some 308 ss welding rods.

I recommend 1/16"

then you need practice.

you dont have amperage control with that unit and you might need it for welding thin wall stainless tubing.

you might consider something like a miller diversion 180 that comes with basically the same stuff but can weld aluminum also and has a foot pedal amperage control.

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