115v mig welder project - jcroffroad rear bumper kit

This is yet another Jeep bumper kit welding project...but this time I am using a 115v mig welder.  (well sort of)

Why so many bumpers? Well its a long story but here is the Readers Digest version...

A while back, I needed an idea for a video so I contacted Troy from Swagoffroad.com and got him to send me a bumper kit in return for featuring it in a video.

I thought the Hobart 210 mvp multi voltage mig welder would be a great choice to use for welding the bumper so I got one. MVP stands for multi voltage plug so its like a 115v mig welder only you can also use 230 volt power if you have it.

Since I didn't even have a Jeep Wrangler at the time, Troy from SWAG off road had a Facebook contest and gave away the bumper I welded in the video by way of a contest on his SWAGoffRoad Facebook page.

Then, I got a Jeep Wrangler of my own.

Then, I clipped the garage door backing out because my chrome tubing bumper stuck out too far and because apparently I suck at judging how far a bumper sticks out.

Then,  I ordered a short front bumper kit from jcroffroad.com and built it in a video and replaced the chrome tube bumper with the stubby version of the jcroffroad front bumper.

Then, I got another rear bumper from SWAG and built it using nothing but a buzz box AC welder because I got some requests to use more basic equipment in some videos.

Then, jcroffroad.com sent me a rear bumper kit as a thanks for making a a video about their front bumper that I ordered.

And that's why I have welded up so many bumper kits.

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So...Todays video is about mig welding the jcroffroad.com rear bumper using the Hobart 210 mvp mig welder on 115v power.

That was not the original plan.  I intended to weld it using a basic cheap imported 115 volt mig welding machine.

But I had too many issues with the machine so I had to punt.
I started out using the really cheap import 115 volt mig welder that I evaluated for company X.

Its a machine that didn't  pass muster so they never put their label on it...

...because of 2 main problems with the welder…

One…welding at max voltage with bare .030" wire kicked on the over temp light after about 7 inches of weld.

Two, the threads for the gas connection in back of the machine were jacked up right from the factory. I didnt have a pipe thread tap to chase the threads and didnt really feel like rigging it up with teflon tape either... and I didnt want to waste my gas with that connection leaking either.

Those 2 issues were a Deal killer for company X so they decided not to put their label on it …thats why I still have the welder in my shop.

IT did ok using .030" flux core.  In fact, a few weeks ago, I welded some bumper parts using flux core and this mig welder and it did pretty well using lincoln nr211 wire.  But when I ran out of that and switched to hobart flux core wire, I just couldn't get it to run smooth.

And since the threads were jacked up on the 115 volt mig I just  decided to switch gears and weld the bumper using the Hobart 210 mvp but plugged into a 115volt 20 amp circuit.

(The reason I am including so much background info on a the sample 115 volt mig welder is to emphasize that you need to be careful when dealing with brand names you never heard of)

Hobart 115 v mig welders have a pretty good reputation on forums...I have read on forums that the Hobart 210mvp, when plugged into a 115 volt circuit is pretty comparable to a Hobart handler 140.

I did pop the breaker once, after welding at max power for several minutes without stopping and using .030" er70s6 mig wire, but the machine was solid and never wavered.

As far as I am concerned, the hobart 210mvp is a really good value machine because it runs off 115 v or 230 v so its a great choice for guys who do not have 230 volt power wired to their shop but would like to one day. Nothing wrong with starting small and getting an inexpensive 115v mig welder and then upgrading later but this Hobart 210mvp lets you grow into it.

Dont get me wrong. I am not trying to promote Hobart here. I have a  Lincoln powermig 350mp, Millermatic 250, and even 2 Everlast migs in my shop….so I am not sold on one brand…  I try  to keep an open mind.
I just think the 210mvp at around 850-900 us dollars, is one of the best deals out there.

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