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2 inch sch 80 6g stick cap problems

by pipe problem

Ok I have been practicing this test too much. I haven't had much problems on the root, except sometimes you can see some wagon tracks on the inside. I use 1/8 6010 at about 74 amps and a 3/32 gap, and i step it in.

Guys I work with say to "skate" it in. They cram the rod into a 1/16 gap and simply push hard and keep moving it upward. I have a hard time tying into my tacks this way. That is my only problem with the root. Now filling....6010 or 7018? I can smooth things out better with 6010. Now the cap...I get to the cap and all hell breaks loose, I end up with arc strikes on the pipe, and always have a lot of sag on the bottom. I use 3/32 around 80 amps,they want stringers for the cap, I have problems making a continuous bead let alone 2 next to each other.

I get all shaky and usually end up with undercut. Also using an xmt...where should i set the "arc control". Like most welders I can roll stuff out and make it look beautifull, just struggling with a 2 inch 6g.

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