2 inch 2G pipe welding test

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this is a 2g pipe weld on 2 inch schedule 80 35 degree bevels with 1/8" gap  and zero land.

Amperage was set to 100 amps all the way out using  1/8" er70s6 filler wire.

Andrew Cardin is doing the welding while I run the camera and talk about whats going on.

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What is the most common position for a pipe weld?

The most common position for a pipe weld depends on the industry.

For boilermakers, its definitely 2g position.

But if you think about pipe line welders, 5g would be the most common.

Even though a 6g test is often used for certification, its fairly rare in the field.

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Why freehand instead of walking the cup?

This weld would have been a pretty easy on for walking the cup but since this is such a common weld for boilermakers and since they hardly every have room enough to walk the cup, I thought freehand would be a more valuable video.

Just a few TIG Finger Reviews

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"I bought a Tig Finger after watching several videos of Jody. I normally wouldn't post comments, but it does work! No more screaming hot fingers to finish a bead. Everyone at my shop now has one in their pocket. Thanks Jody."  -Mike

PS. My employer bought knock offs after seeing mine, and those ones didn't last the month! Mines still kicking! šŸ”„


7 years ago

Tig Finger by far one of the best things I've used in my welding career. You can use it for every process, any metal type and all around saves your finger from being burned while freehanding. I recommend a lot of friends to try it and their skills have improved as well as mine. Jody you the man, thank you for all the tips you've given everyone. It's been a very good tool before I take a welding test, just pull out the phone and look up a video on the and bam, I've got a job. So once again thank you for the well designed products and the mentioning of the Ck stubby kits. They've all help me and a lot of viewers out. So thank you Jody, much appreciated!

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