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309 on 1 inch carbon test plates

by Drew

I am taking a 3G test on 1 inch carbon plates using 309. TIG the root and 1/4 inch hot pass, then stick the rest. Never done it before. What advice can you give on amperage, rod angle, and technique?


You can get some good technique tips for the root and hot pass here

Tig Weld root pass video

you will need purge gas for the root...the test shop might supply some type of fixture for purging. or you may be required to use aluminum foil tape or something.

for the stick , if they allow you to weave a little bit, that will probably help because 309 ss stick tends to sag and crown.

I would recommend setting the amps just high enough so that you can hold a tight arc without sticking.

then keep a tight arc and dont hang around too long in one place.

keep a 90 degree rod angle or a slight push angle

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