3/8 stainless steel horiz bend test

by Rich Simek
(Frankfort, Il.)

Gap between bottom rollers of the fixture during a 3/8 304 stainless steel horizontal bend test?

I have a welder on loan from my alma mater who presented me a perfect weld coupon which in turn failed the root test miserably .

the O.D. of the coupon was 2 1/2 "

I have a rather strong feeling the weld test was administered incorrectly.

is there anything that i can have as ammo to present my arguement to the Q.C. department in the morn?

------------------------------------------------i wtt response,

The width of the bend straps and how they are prepared is critical... assuming the code is asme section IX...

sometimes, there is mill work to be done on a tube diameter that size before bending.

this is probably too late, but i am a few days behind on posting my comments.


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