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3G Flux core stainless test

by Frenchy

I have the above test coming up, 1/4" plates, 60 deg bevel, backer, 3/16" gap at the root, weld uphill. The requirements are root pass and two stringers, 1/8" max build-up. Base metal is 304 and we run .035 316L shield-brite from ESAB with 75/25% gas. Any tips? I have a whole 6 months experience with flux core, I was hired into a primarily TIG job with everyone's full knowledge that I had zero flux core experience but now it looks like my continued good job is kinda dependent on my good test.

Plates are milled down to .240" and given a visual and a bend test, two coupons from each plate, one bent each way.



Sorry, but I have not used any Esab Shield Brite 316 ss flux core so I dont have any personal experience to share,...but here is a link on the Esab site that might help a bit.

when you click on the link below, there will be a tab that says deposition and parameters.

pay close attention to the stickout listed...that and a straight in gun angle can make all the difference on flux core wires.

316 shield brite parameters

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