5g & 6g 2" pipe cap

by Sam

I'm having trouble getting less than 1/16" reinforcement on my cover pass on 2" schedule 80 pipe with 3/32 e7018. Any advise on amperage settings and weave patterns for the 5g and 6g. The top and bottom of the pipe look fine for both positions, but the 2:30 to 5:00 area as well as the same area on the opposite side gets to 1/8 in reinforcement. Travel direction is vertical up. If I pick up my travel speed I get undercut. Any chance you could post a video. Thanks and great site.


the trick is to plan ahead.
you need to be slightly below flush by about 1/16" when you are ready to cap. at least in those areas anyway.

You probably need to be thinking about it about 2 passes ahead before you get to the cap.

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