6011 is neat

Thanks for your site. There are so many techniques to master and so little time.

On one job I used a 6011 " pause whip " and they looked like something from a text book ( old skool ). A total of about 60 inches on 3/32 hot rolled. I used the technique to control the heat input to prevent warping.

The fellow I was doing it for was blown away how nice it looked. His eyes popped out of his head and he showed his wife too.

He thought it looked like I had tig welded it and as a result I got lots more work.
I showed the technique to a structural welding inspector and he thought I needed my head examined that it was ALL wrong and stupid. So I got out the 7018 and dragged it around and he was happy then.

The inspector still hates me though and I have been avoiding him. Done properly there is almost no spatter with the 6011 ( hippie rod ). Keep up the good work.

Best Regards, James S

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