6g Pipe test

by Steven K
(Raleigh, NC, United States)

I am trying to learn how to get a 6g cert, i know what it is and everything i just have trouble with the tig root as far as suck back and such is concerned i was curious if anyone had any tips for that or just the whole thing. I can do a pretty good 7018 all the way out the switching hands thing that i was recommended to learn left my left side a little sloppy but not incredibly bad and testable from what i was told. Just not up to what i wanted it to look like.


Suck back usually comes from too much amperage and too much side to side movement of the electrode. also too much torch angle.

the hot pass can suck back a root too if too much amperage is used. actually the term hot pass came from stick welding.

with tig, about the same amperage is used for the second pass as worked for the root.

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