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6g schedule 40 smaw

any points on a 6g stick schedule 40 mostly concerned about the root(6010)vertical up and hot pass(6010)vertical up?


I read a lot of forums where other welders prefer a tighter gap and smaller land but just jam the rod in tighter.

but I like a 1/8" land and 1/8" gap.

I just pretend the puddle is a small nail and the rod is a small hammer and about once a second
I tap the nail ...

that amounts to a whip and pause with a once a second rhythm.

feather both sides of all tack welds with a grinder
when you are starting on a tack or when you have to stop, get a grinder and feather the end of the weld and then long arc about 3/4" from where you stopped to let the weld heat up before tightening the arc and resuming the root.

grind all bumps and high crowned areas before the hot pass.

increase amps by about 10 for the hot pass and really make sure to burn out any little bit of slag you left from the root.

steve bleile has some really good videos on stick welding.
you can get them at
just go there and search for welding dvd and you will see about 25 bucks each, its a good spend.

also there is a video called " under the hood welding" that shows some 6010 pipe tests pretty well. just google it. or copy and paste this

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