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6g Weld Test 6010 root 7018 cap

This video shows tips for passing a 6g weld test with a 3/32" 6010 root pass and a 7018 cover pass.

This test is also known as the UA-8 (UA stands for United Association...the pipe fitters, plumbers, and steamfitters union)

Its a common test but it can be tricky...mostly due to the small 3/32" 6010 root pass.

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Settings and fitup for the 6g weld test root pass with 6010 3/32" (2.4mm)

First off, make sure to read the WPS. A WPS is the Written Welding Procedure Specification and should list details like amperage ranges, polarity, etc.

I have seen written details on this weld online, that list amperage range from 65 to 85 using the 3/32" 6010 rod.

If your WPS limits you to 65 amps on the low end, you will need to stay at 65 -85 amps because welding outside of the scope of the WPS is grounds for failure.

I listed amperage in the video at 60-70 amps because that is what Andrew found to work for him.

Using a 3/32" (2.4mm) gap and a 3/32" (2.4mm) land and being careful to fit the pipe with as little mismatch as possible, 4 small tack welds are made.

While you are tack welding, pay close attention to the amperage so you can make fine adjustments before putting the pipe in the 45 degree position to weld.

Visual Inspection

Visually inspect your tack welds to make sure they have full penetration.

most codes also have limitations for how much the root can protrude on the inside but with the small 6010 electrodes, that is usually not a problem.

Feather your tack welds with a grinder or file...

ask about grinding policies because test shops vary on policy...some shops do not allow a grinder in the booth...others do with limitations.

A good half round file will do the trick if a grinder is not allowed.

Most likely, the test shop inspector will inspect your tacks and fitup before giving you the green light to put the test piece in the 6g 45 degree position.

Body Positioning

Since the root pass is done in fourths from tack weld to tack weld, not much is required in the way of moving your body while you weld the root pass.

But for the 7018, its best to have as few stops and starts as possible so being able to weld from bottom to top is a big help.

That requires body positioning and the video shows several options.


Amperage for the 3/32" (2.4mm) 7018 electrode

Normally, I like to use around 90 amps for 3/32" 7018 for welding uphill.

But that can be too hot depending on the machine...and the thickness of the root pass metal.

I failed my first welding test because I welded too hot over a thin root pass so  you dont want to do that.

Andrew used 80-85 amps with a setting of around 3 on the arc control setting using a Lincoln Invertec V275-s

Andrew chose to do a single bead cover pass using a technique of small cursive e's .

Sometimes more than one bead is needed for a cover pass but the same techniques shown in this 6g weld test video apply.

Good luck welder,


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