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6g Welding Test part3

  • Where do I get welding training for a 6g welding test?
  • What is a 6g test?
  • Why 6g and not other welding test?
  • whats the big deal about a 6g test?

Unfortunately, not every welding training school offers training to help you pass a 6g weld test.  Many local technical colleges do not even offer pipe welding as part of their curriculum.  So where do you go for training?

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Here are a few places in the united states where you can get welding training to prepare you to take a 6g welding test.

  • Hobart Institute of Welding Technology
  • Lincoln Welding Training School
  • Tulsa Welding School ( there are very mixed reviews on this one)

also another option is....Training programs within the  United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing, Pipefitting and Sprinkler Fitting Industry of the United States, Canada, and Australia ( this pretty much requires being accepted into an apprenticehip program but training is good and will be worth the effort for most people)

also.... local tech colleges that do have a pipe welding program.

What about welding training DVDs?

 Over the years I have purchased a view DVDs that were about how to pass a 6g test but none of them were all that great.

Hobart has some really good quality videos but who can afford over 900 bucks for a DVD? its not a bad  deal for a school, but for individual welders , its hard to spend that much for a DVD.

Thats one of the reasons  I made this video.

For every welder about to take a 6g test who is a bundle of nerves from driving all night, not getting good sleep, worried about getting the job, and has had too much coffee trying to overcome lack of sleep...I hope this video helps calm some nerves a bit.

What is a 6g test?
6g is a pipe with the axis on a 45 degree angle. Once the height is selected and fixed, the pipe cant be rolled while welding and usually the height cant be changed either.
What that means to a welder is that one side will usually be harder than the other.  For a pipe test that uses TIG for root and hot pass, sometimes using the left hand comes into play.  And even for the Stick fill and cap, one side will seem harder for most people. It doesnt have to be, but it can throw you a curveball because it feels different, looks funny, that sort of thing.

Why a 6g test and not other positions?

Even though 1g, 2g , and 5g pipe positions make up 99% of what is done in the field but usually a 6g is used for the welding test because welding codes are geared to that.  A 6g test qualifies for 1g, 2g, and 5g, with just one test weld.  Thats why its used for the certification test.
The argument could be made that 2 test welds...a 2g and a 5g, would better represent the welds actually made in the field because 6g positions are rare in the field.  Rolling offsets are almost the only time a a 6g position is required in the field and they can usually be fabricated on the floor to avoid a 6g weld in position.

What is the big deal about a 6g test?
the big deal is that a 6g test might be the gate keeper that stands between you and a good paying welding job.
 I hope this video about welding training tips for a 6g pipe test helps someone get that job.

good luck welder,

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