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6g Welding Test Part 2

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A Heads up for ya,

this video shift gears mid stream to show lots of applications for my product called the Tig Finger. But don't worry, like always, I make sure to show lots of instructional arc shots along the way.

And I even used some clips not yet seen ... like aluminum vertical lap joints, corner joints and more.

Some nice folks have asked if I have a donate button so they could contribute to my efforts. I cant do that. It would bother me.

I would much rather someone just buy a tig finger, TIG cup kit, or gloves to donate.

I understand that in order to get...I need to give... thats what keeps me making videos every week.

I always want to earn my keep before I ask someone to buy something.

So here we go.. This is part 2 of a series of tips for passing a pipe welding test.

Welding the "Hot Pass".

The term "hot pass" is kind of misleading in Tig welding pipe. In fact, sometimes the hot pass is welded with the same amperage as the root pass.

I think "hot pass" is a term used first a long time ago to describe 6010 pipe welds where more amps are used on a hot pass to burn out any slag left behind by the root pass.

In tig welding, the main concern on the hot pass is to not disturb the root pass. Once you get a good root pass welded, you don't want to re melt it and have what is called "suck back".

Using the right amps, moving quickly across the middle, and keeping the wire in the puddle, all help to prevent suck back.

How does a Tig Finger help?

30 some odd years ago a young man was hundreds of miles from home and about one inch away from making a near perfect hot pass on a 6g test weld. He hung in there ..finished the weld and got the job....but it took weeks for his knuckles to heal.

And by the way, that test was a 2 inch 6g test just like the one in this video.

In part 1 of this series of 6g welding test videos I showed tips for the root pass doing the lay wire technique as well as the keyhole dip welding technique.

As a review, in this video , I listed the amperage ranges for the root pass.

  • for a 5/32" gap, about 65 amps was about right.
  • a 1/8" gap took about 70 - 75 amps
  • a 3/32" gap needed around 80 amps...

At least on my machine that was about right.

I ran the hot pass on this joint at around 85-90 amps.

Using the lay wire technique and 1/8" er70s2 wire and a tig finger to let me prop on the pipe, the weld went in pretty well...considering it has been a few years since my last 6g welding test.

A word about the commercial in the video.

I have a good product. It works. I get zero complaints.

But I still make sure to earn the right to ask for a sale.

I made sure to include plenty of instructive arc shots in this video because I have learned one thing about selling things.

"In order to get something, I have to give something"

I shoot at least one video every week and because of my old school brain or whatever you call it, it takes me over an hour for every minute of video.

In order for me to be able to keep this up, I have to get paid every now and then and selling this Tig finger helps a lot in keeping all the bills paid.

So...If you are taking a 6g welding test in the future, or just want to be able to make all kinds of tig welds without your knuckles screaming for you to stop, ..

Go ahead and order yours now.

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