8" pipe welding test

by Willard Hurst

I will be taking a pipe welding test for a employer soon, the only info i know is that its 8" diameter (schedule unknown) carbon steel, with a backing ring, in the 2G position, all stick welding. Does anyone have some info on this type of test? My questions are: What type of material is the backing ring? Should all my root, filler and cover passes be stringer beads?


backing ring will most likely match the composition of the pipe or close enough.

trick is to consume both bevels and backing so that when backing is removed, there are no slag pockets or voids.

clean the backing, as well as the back side of the bevel where it meets the backing.

stringers are usually recommended for 2g horizontal pipe joints but always plan one bead ahead so that you dont trap yourself too tight in a corner with the last bead in a layer.

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