9-nickle test

by J Reed
(new orleans)

Theres a job here at a LNG Plant site. and it says must be able to weld 9 nickle with fluxcore and stick. Will be welding on tanks. Never herd of this before, but....i do remember this dark grey stick rod, that gave a shiny finish, and i think burned like a 6010 rod. But is the test hard or something simple? it dosent say what or what position it will be in. I have experience with 6010, low hydro and 309 stick rods. Ive tigged SS, copper nickel and mild steel. and some mig work, but the machine was already set



probably referring to a 9% nickel alloy.
it is becoming a popular material that retains ductility at cold temperatures.

I have not had opportunity to weld it but with your experience, I do not think you will have any issues if they allow you to dial it in for a few minutes.


here is a link to welding of 9% nickel steel.

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