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Affordable Tig Welders

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I get asked all the time…what are some good affordable tig welders for a beginner…or "are there any affordable tig welders for under $2000?  ...or "I have an old school Tig welder. Would I benefit from getting a newer inverter?"

lots and lots of questions like that.

Some really important questions to ask are...

"what happens if I have a problem?

Does this company take care of the customer?

How long will I be without a welding machine if I have a problem?


I have heard of several situations with certain brands where there was a problem with the machine and the customer had to send the unit in for repair and it took months to get the machine back.

Can you imagine trying to start a side hustle and then being without your tig welder for months?

Even if you are just learning to tig weld , going without your welder for months is unacceptable.

This is the reason I have selected 2 brands of affordable tig welders for sale on my store 

  1. CK worldwide
  2. PrimeWeld

Both these brands step up immediately when there is a problem and make sure my customer is happy.

My team at has the same philosophy about taking care of our customers.

Fortunately, problems have been very rare with both the ck mt200 machine and the primeweld tig welders but Both brands have come thru every time to make sure our customers are satisfied.

Learn more about this affordable tig welder with bonus kit at

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