Primeweld TIG225x Welding machine -TIG Welder videos

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primeweld 225 tig with stuff

Using the torch switch and 2t 4t settings explained

AC Balance Settings Explained for TIG welding aluminum with a primeweld tig225x


AC Frequency Settings for Aluminum Welding


Learn more about the bonus deals we have on the PrimeWeld TIG 225 at

primeweld 225 tig with stuff

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The Primeweld TIG225x is priced like an entry level TIG welder but it is definitely much more than that.

The TIG 225x has AC balance and AC frequency knobs for aluminum and these are the main 2 controls you need. I personally would not purchase a tig welder that didn’t have these 2 controls because I find them so helpful for TIG welding aluminum.

There is also a 2t and a 4t setting that can come in handy.

I like 2t for using a torch switch for quick tack welds. flash tacks you might say.

And 4t can also be used with the torch switch along with upslope and downslope to taper amperage.

The TIG 225x also has pulse settings which I find very useful for tig brazing with silicon bronze and thin stainless steel welds.

Yes it definitely does have a lot of knobs but every one has a purpose for the most part, once you get it dialed in, you don’t need to change most of the settings.

And I even have videos showing what each knob does and how to set them.

One of the problems with some of the affordable tig welders available today is the crappy tig torch and foot pedal that come with them.

Not PrimeWeld.

The TIG225 comes with a nice CK worldwide 17 air cooled  tig torch with superflex cables…and also comes with a SSC style foot pedal that is very smooth and responsive.

There is also a facebook group of primeweld owners where you can see what folks are saying about the primeweld tig 225z and you can also get a feel for how they take care of any potential issues.


Here is a breakdown of what comes with a Primeweld TIG 225x welding machine...

  • CK Worldwide 17 series superflex TIG torch with flex head and CK superflex hose, also include CK dinse connector
  • Ground clamp with 12 feet cable
  • Electrode holder with 12 feet cable
  • 220v to 110v power adapter
  • Nice Foot pedal amperage control  
  • Gas regulator
  • TIG torch consumables kit include #5 #6 #7 cups, 1/16" 3/32" collets, 3/32" collet body, Grey tungsten electrode, 3/32"*175mm, short back cap, long back cap
  • Argon hose
  • Torch switch
  • User manual

Learn more about the bonus deals we have on the PrimeWeld TIG 225 at

primeweld 225 tig with stuff

Lets do a deep dive into the foot pedal amperage controller

The foot pedal that comes with a Primeweld 225x is an SSC style foot pedal.

While some pedals require removing screws to take it apart, the SSC design has 2 spring loaded buttons .

Its easy to pop open and look inside and when you do, you will see just how simple a foot pedal really is.

There is a potentiometer, and a microswitch, a spring, and maybe  just a few other simple parts....not much to go wrong.

I like SSC style foot pedals because they are very smooth, low profile, and responsive.... 

What happens when you press the foot pedal on a TIG welder? or press the finger control.

The argon hose is connected to the back of the machine but does not flow until the solenoid valve is kicked on by the switch in the foot pedal.

In the video, I temporarily removed the ground clamp from the table just to show exactly what happens when you press the foot pedal.

When you first lightly press the pedal, the switch initiates the high frequency current and the solenoid valve inside the machine and the argon starts flowing thru the machine and thru the torch...thru the diffuser holes in the collet body and out the end of the tig cup.

The post flow setting allows gas to flow for a time to help shield the hot metal where you ended a weld.

Post flow settings depend on several factors like amperage used, size of tungsten, type of metal welded etc.

At a minimum, you need enough post flow to protect the tungsten from that usually is around 7-10 seconds.

But even more importantly than what comes with it...
Is what you can do with the Primeweld 225x

TIG weld carbon steel, 4130 chromoly, stainless steels, Aluminum, Magnesium, Titanium, superalloys, tool steels, and even pot metal.

In addition to being a good tig welding machine, the Primeweld 225x is also a stick welding machine and switching to stick mode only involves flipping a switch and plugging in the stick electrode holder.

And guess what?

If you are on a job site without your stick stinger... and need to make a quick stick weld on a bracket, you can chuck up a 3/32" 7018 or 6011 in the TIG torch....

stick rod in tig torch andrew

...quick story about how I first learned about stick welding with a tig torch.

Back when I worked for a major Airline Techops division, on a few occasions, my job was mobile welding. Mostly on aircraft, but sometimes shop equipment as well.

One particular day, I was called to weld a piece of galvanized floor grate that had come loose in the cleaning shop and it was a trip hazard.

The Miller syncrowave mobile rig was out on another job, so the only mobile rig was a little Miller maxstar 90 DC inverter.

But it didn't have a stick stinger on it.

My supervisor told me to grab a 3/32" 6011 and chuck it up in a 3/32" collet body.

What??  I thought that was a genius hack.

So I got a forklift driver to park over the floor grate to hold it down while I made a few short welds with the 6011.  Took me about 5 minutes.

And I never forgot that hack.  I wouldn't make a habit out of doing this  because a stick stinger is more durable, but it was good to know that I could burn a stick rod or 2 if I forgot my stinger at home.

hope this helps,


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