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AWS D15.1 welding test

by wes
(prattville, Al.)

What kind of plate formation will I be test welding for the D15.1 welding code?


Since AWS D15.1 is a railroad welding code, it is likely you will do either 3/8" thick plates with a 22.5 degree bevel on each on possibly only on one plate. Backing 1/4" thick is likely or possibly no backing...if no backing is used, you may be required to gouge a groove and back weld on the root side.

its very hard to say because there are many options for the employer to use and the smart ones certify to the task required.

I have even heard of some employers only administering a simple fillet weld break test for a simple qualification skills test for hiring purposes and then giving the harder groove weld tests as needed.

Another common plate test is for unlimited thickness qualification and is 1" thick plate with or without backing.

A 3g done along with a 4g qualifies for all positions so that is often done also for various industries...railroad included

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