Best Cup for Tig Welding Stainless Steel and 4130 chromoly

Is the jazzy 10 the best cup for tig welding stainless?


Well, it might just be one of the best... but I do know the jazzy 10 is one of my favorite all around cups for tig welding stainless.

But not just stainless. The jazzy 10 ceramic is also a great cup for tig welding 4130 chromoly, tool steels, nickel alloys, cobalt alloys, and even small titanium jobs.

I usually use around 20-25 cfh of flow rate of pure argon with a jazzy 10 and that is pretty much the same flow I use on a regular #8 gas lens cup.

Because of the extra diffuser screens, the same flow rate works that I use for a #8 gas lens cup.

And when I need to use an extra long stickout, I can extend my tungsten a full inch by increasing the flow rate to around 30cfh.

It seems to be just the right size and does not require a lot of argon for most jobs.

Here is another video where I did a 2 pass weld on a stainless tee joint and showed freehand as well as walking the cup using the jazzy10 cup.

I like to use a #8 clear cup for filming and because clear cups also help me to see better.

But clear cups are not recommended for walking the cup.

But the jazzy10 cup is ceramic and so walking the cup is not a problem.

Walking the cup is primarily used in pipe welding and that is where it really shines.

I compared walking the cup to freehand in the video above and I think You can see that you can get similar results with freehand on a tee joint.

After filming this short video, I realized just how a tig finger® and a jazzy10 cup go together so I put together a little jazzy10 bundle for you over at that includes a jazzy10 ceramic cup, an adapter kit for you torch, and a tig finger.

tig kits banner 1

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