Cant figure out what current setting im on

by Andy

Wanting to know what setting im on w/out using an amp gauge on a lincoln 250ac in the back of our welding truck.

1st gear is 90 then when you adjust the fine from 10 on up what does this mean exactly? Can someone help, have heard conflicting information on how to find out "where im at" as far as amperage settings.

Its probably a lot simpler than I am making it out to be, I just need a baseline for welding root, hot-pass, and cap and Im currently struggling to find just the right amperage for my root w/out opening up my key-hole too much but enough to where im not sticking all the time.

By the way this is for 2" sch 40 pipe in 6G fixed position running downhill, 30 deg bevel, 1/16" land and gap. Either 5g or 6g tips would be great if anyone can help.

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