There is a CK worldwide tig torch to fit Nearly every TIG machine

Looking to upgrade your tig torch?

Let me suggest a CK worldwide tig torch

CK worldwide has set the bar high when it comes to tig torch quality & innovation, customer support, as well as engagement with the welding community.

Art Kleppen is the K in CK worldwide and he is one of the good guys in the welding industry.

You may have seen this video where I worked with the founder of CK to show a new and innovative device called the ez dabr to help folks feed the tig wire...

CK products like the flex loc 360 tig torch, the MT200 ac/dc tig welder, and super flex hoses are just a few of the innovative tig welding accessories from ck worldwide.

In short, its all good stuff.

That is why I feel great about selling CK tig torches, tungsten, torch hardware, and even TIG Welding Machines on my store at

CK Worldwide TIG torch Dinse Adapters

A lot of import tig welding machines have attempted to copy CK worldwide tig torches but most fall short because they use molded dinse connectors that cant be re used for a tig torch upgrade.

With a genuine ck worldwide tig torch and ck dinse adapter, you can easily switch torches, upgrade, or even just swap out the super flex cable if you ever wear it out.

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