Covering a Multitude Of Sin - Never Give Up!

by Ed Kawecki

Looking back at my 40 plus years of welding, I am still gaining
a lot of knowledge especially from your Weldingtipsandtricks.
When starting out working in a steel mill slag yard doing maintaince, my welds looked even worse than Fido's Butt! Sooo
bad that on one non-critical weld, building a flat bed utility
truck,that I ground down the weld,covered it with a nice bead
of silicone and painted it! I got a lot of compliments on my
improved welding and never said a word. I then bought Lincoln's Bible-studied and practiced till this day. Working heavy equipment repair all these years has gotten me in many challenging and rewarding jobs for me and my family, It's a GREAT trade and Weldingtipsandtricks is a great incentive.
An old timer use to tease me and tell me a little paint covers a multitude of sin. Little did he know! My final thoughts are.
"Love your job and you'll never work a day in your life"
Thanks, Ed. Cleve.Oh.

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