Esab Rebel 205 Inductance settings for MIG

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In this video, I experimented with the Esab Rebel 205 inductance settings.

I have been experimenting with inductance settings on MIG welders for quite a while now.

To start with, I can tell you that mig welding machines can be very different and weld very differently.

One might have a super soft arc, the other has a harsh crisp arc.

If a mig welder has an Inductance setting,  that can really help you dial in the type of arc you like.

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What is Inductance?

the term "short circuit mig" means that the way the metal transfers into the weld puddle is in a short circuit.

There is an arc between the tip of the wire and the puddle for a moment, and then the wire actually melts into the puddle as it fuses in a short circuit condition.

As the wire is short circuiting, the amperage rises to a point where the wire blows like a fuse and creates an arc again.

As the wire continues to feed, it short circuits again ...and again...and again.

This only takes a fraction of a second and happens up to 200 times per second.

Inductance controls how quickly the amperage climbs during the short circuit.

with a low inductance, the amperage rises very quickly and this can cause a violent arc along with excessive spatter.

With high inductance, the amperage rises slower and this can provide a puddle the wets out better because the arc time is longer and the arc is less violent.

low inductance usually provides a narrower bead with a crisper arc

high inductance usually makes for a wider bead and softer arc

Both have there place but its nice to be able to adjust it.

High Inductance and low wire speed

The most practical application i have found for Inductance settings is for vertical welds where you want to reduce wire speed and still maintain a smooth and spatter free weld.

I set up a lap and tee joint on 11 ga steel and welded vertical uphill using an inductance setting of 100% using the Esab Rebel 205.

Using .030" er70s6 wire

19.5 volts

190 inches per minute

I would not normally use such a low wire speed with 19.5 volts and .030" wire but I wanted to show what a difference a high inductance setting makes with super low wire speeds.

Factory recommended settings for 11 ga steel on the Rebel 205 for a flat or horizontal fillet weld using .030" wire are 19.5 volts and 300 inches per minute.

I reduced the wire speed all the way down to 190 for vertical uphill welding and set the inductance to 100% and it worked great

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