First Aluminum Project - Installed

by Walt Colvin
(Dayton, OH)

aluminum welding project

aluminum welding project


Here are pictures of the aluminum steps for low water access, Norris Lake, TN. I wrote about them last year. They were installed in December. These are 24' long with an 8' approach. Its 6061 T6 with diamond plate. They turned out well thanks to your advice!

Also; there are two good articles in the February issue of the Welding Journal. One is on TIG Repairs on Stainless and the other was on preheating, Why Preheat? I'm sure you saw them.

They fit right in with your subjects in your last video on metals and how to weld them. The stainless article has a good table on stainless types.

The site mentioned in the preheat article offers a good Basic Guide to Ferrous Metallurgy, a table for Preheat Temperatures... and an article on Monitoring Heat Treatment... I just thought others may want to download these and take a look.

Thanks, Walt


Good post...thanks for the references


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