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In a perfect world, this MIGHT actually have merit, but we don't live or work there. After you've been dragging 100 feet of lead around all day (thru the mud and rain), climbing 35 feet of ladder, or trying to get a man-lift (and all the gear you "might" need) in close enough to finally strike an arc, reality smacks you upside the head. I don't see how you can simulate reality.
The best instructor I had in school encouraged me to weld in the most uncomfortable positions (even took my 6G test lying on my back and from my knees). I'll grant you, it was tough, but when the "reality" of running a bead for food was looking me in the eye, no simulator could replace what he taught me.
I'm sure there are some "perfect" jobs out there, but I've never had one. Likely as not, I'd probably pass on them.



You hit that one out of the park.


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