Welding Video of virtual simulator trainer- Using Stick SMAW

"Are virtual welding trainer stations replacing real life welding training? Say it aint so. "

After watching this Welding Video I have to Ask...

Is this what welding training has come to?

I am all for technology and cutting edge stuff, but holy crap! how is this better than actual welding? OK , OK I can see the obvious things. No smoke, no fumes, no Emissions to track, No on the job injuries while training, no consumables, ability to measure hand eye coordination using statistical control charts,... Wait a Minute...AM I about to talk myself into crossing over into the dark side of technology?

Dont count on it. I am old school.

I can however, see how this Virtual Welding Simulator trainer could be used by a large employer like a shipyard to select prime candidates for welding training programs and to not waste time and money on candidates who do not display hand eye coordination. But as far as teaching people to weld, I dont buy into it.

I want the welding student to be able to feel the electrode drag on the metal,

I want him to have an actual stinger to hold on to with actual not virtual jaws to clamp the stick in.

I want the welder to train like he will fight and fight like he trains.

The only way to do that is to train using actual and not virtual welders.

What are your thoughts?

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