TIG Welding with Furick 8 Clear cup

there is also a longer version of this aluminum cube video showing pulse settings.

The Furick 8 clear cup and TIG finger work great together for TIG welding aluminum.

I started experimenting with clear cups a while back in so that I could make better welding videos where we can all see what is going on better.

I discovered that the clear cups not only help with filming the welding, but they really help me see better.

My eyes are not quite as good as they were when I was 21 and sometimes I have issues seeing a tight crack.

A clear cup acts like a floodlight bulb and lights up the area just enough for me so see way better.

A TIG finger® is like having a prop in your pocket for those times when is not other easy way to prop and hold your hand steady.

and...a TIG finger® can also serve as a nice glide....especially on smooth aluminum or stainless.

Aluminum gets really hot really quick and a TIG finger just gives you more options on how to prop.

I used it on parts that have a high preheat, sanitary stainless tubing, 6g pipe tests, aluminum tubing, and anyplace where I need to prop on hot metal.

I am confident that you will be extremely satisfied with the furick 8 clear cup and TIG finger®

here is the link to my store page for TIG fingers and #8 pro cup bundle