Furick 8 pro Clear cup Combo Kit

The Furick 8 pro clear cup is one of my favorite all around tig cups.

Works great on both DC and AC and provides great gas shielding.

But one unexpected benefit for me is it really helps me see better.

I started using this clear cup because it helped me to get better arc shots for welding videos.

If you're 23 and have perfect eyesight, you might not see the need for a clear cup....

But I am not 23 anymore and can use a little help seeing the joint, the crack, the seam or an edge I an trying not to melt.

The Furick 8 pro clear cup serves as a flood light of sorts.

And when I swap back to a pink alumina cup, its like someone dimmed the lights in the room.

Why use a Gas Lens ?

If you have never even tried a gas lens or stubby gas lens for your 17 style tig torch, then you are missing out.

With a gas lens, You will get less oxidation on 4130 chromoly and stainless and be able to use a longer stickout for reaching those tight areas.

I have put together an 8 pro COMBO kit that includes a clear cup, a pink ceramic cup, as well as the right hardware for your TIG torch so you know everything will fit.

All you need to do is watch the following video if you are not 100% sure what style TIG torch you have.

After you watch the video, you will know which kit to order for your Torch.

tig kits banner 1

I definitely dont always use clear tig cups because there are a few jobs where ceramic works better.

But when I need to see better, or when I need to see thru the cup, I find that clear cups really help.

When I am welding something like 4130 chromoly or stainless, I often use a larger cup like a jazzy 10 or furick 12 and in those cases I often use the ceramic version.

Being able to use a longer than normal stickout allows me to see everything plenty good enough without using the clear versions of those cups.

CK MT200 TIG Welding Machine System

I have filmed at least 20 videos using this welder so I thought I would put together a compilation of those videos.

  • A really nice TIG welder that is lightweight for portability.
  • 5 amp start for thin metals
  • True Fan on Demand that kicks off automatically.
  • Easy to understand control buttons.
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