Furick 8 pro Clear cup

The Furick 8 pro clear cup is one of my favorite all around tig cups.

Works great on both DC and AC and provides great gas shielding.

But one unexpected benefit for me is it really helps me see better.

I started using this clear cup because it helped me to get better arc shots for welding videos.

If you're 23 and have perfect eyesight, thats one thing....

But I am not 23 anymore and can use a little help seeing the joint, the crack, the seam or an edge I an trying not to melt.

The Furick 8 pro clear cup serves as a flood light of sorts.

And when I swap back to a pink alumina cup, its like someone dimmed the lights in the room.

If you have never even tried a gas lens or stubby gas lens for your 17 style tig torch, then you are missing out.