good examples

by chris
(payette id)

I work at a place and have argued with most everyone there that welding a lifting eye on down hill is not really acceptable but they all believe down is as good as up... some even say better so thanks for the info I'm glad the money I spent to go to welding school wasn't a waste... thanks need tips on tig though


downhill on a lifting eye? wow.

I have worked at shops where mig was forbidden on lifting eyes....

that seemed kind of dumb but the safety book at that job was written based on actual incidents so i kind of figure a mig weld must have snapped somewhere along the line.

but downhill mig on a lifting eye is not good practice.

all it takes to raise awareness is some scrap metal and a big sledge hammer or hydraulic press.

tee joints in 1/2" thickness welded downhill and then hammered or pressed to failure vs uphill.

when that is done, everyone knows the truth.

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