Guided Bend Test Jig.

by Reginald King
(Pasadena, Texas )

I am currently wanting trim my budget and start bending my own my weld test plate. AWS D1.1 and ASME Section IX QW-466.1 addresses the construction of the test jig. These two codes only specify the test plate thickness for 3/8" with outer elongation percentage and material stress values as governing factors for the required inside radius of bend. AWS sets plunger diameter to 2 inches for 50 to 90 ksi for P1 materials. SA516-70 is the material I will use but AWS fig. 4.17 speaks only of 3/8 wall. My test consists of 3/4" wall. If I use the stress value apparently used in AWS fig.4.17 (15.798%)to derive the required inside diameter for bend, I come up with 3-3/4" diameter for 3/4" plate. I can eliminate the problem by cutting my test plate to 3/8" thin strip and do side bends vs root and face bends. I would like to know if anyone out there encountered this particular situation. Verify for me what would be the minimum bend radius for P1-SA516-70ksi on 3/4" thick plate for guided bend test? Inform me where I could find literature that discusses this particular situation. thanks

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