how to arc weld vertical

by wyatt

im welding 1/8 inch steel with 6013 rods. the weld im doing is a vertical fillet. i have tried a lot of techniques but my puddle keeps getting ahead of me and my welds turn out horrible. any tips?

wyatt, first of all , if you are trying to weld downhill with 6013 rod, that's a problem except on thinner metals. The rod is just slaggy and the flux is hard to distinguish.

however, I have had some luck with setting the machine to dcen , holding a tight arc with lots of electrode angle to push the slag back and moving fast enough to outrun it.

if you are welding with an AC machine, just try setting the amperage hot enough to let you hold a tight arc without sticking and move quickly.

if you are welding uphill, hold a dead nuts 90 degree angle with a tight arc and just enough heat not to stick.


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