How to lay out a standard weld test

by Jamie Crenshaw
(Colchester Il United States)

Im looking for ideas how to lay out a standard weld test for new employees.

Any ideas or where i might look for this?


I dont know anywhere to find a standard test.

but the most basic test would be a fillet weld break test in the 2f position.

if you are looking for a hiring test to cull those that just cant weld, this is an option as long as you hold to tight visual standards.

you can ratchet up the difficulty if you need to by adding vertical or overhead or both.

just a single pass weld inspected visually and then broken in a press or vise will tell you a lot.

if you want to comply with AWS codes, you can still use it if it covers the scope of work done...but you will need to get the code book used by your industry and comply with the details like thickness, and for qualifying the procedure as well as the welder.

thanks for the post,


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