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How to pass a bend test on plate

How to pass a bend test on plate with a one inch gap.

I suspect you might be referring to a plate fillet weld test with a 15/16" gap.

its a pretty hard test.

no bevels , just square cut 3/8" thick steel.

2 pieces , gapped, 15/16" with a 3/8" gap.

the first passes are required to be done in vertical and / or overhead position.

the rest of the weld can be made in any position.

In my opinion is that you increase you odds of passing by positioning the piece in the vertical position and weld uphill .

cleaning the mill scale is very important also.

the trick is to penetrate deeply in the root of each joint...so that when the backing is removed, there is clean weld metal with no slag, or any defects in the bend area.

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