How to TIG Aluminum

Learn how to TIG aluminum from scratch by watching these 3 videos first.

Video #1 on how to tig to set the machine for aluminum and why aluminum is welded on AC

Understanding why aluminum is welded using alternating current (AC) is fundamental to learning how to tig aluminum...and helps with troubleshooting when things go wrong.

video #2 on how to tig aluminum..AC balance settings and more

Understanding why aluminum is welded using AC leads to a better understanding of tig welder settings like AC balance

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video #3 on How to TIG aluminum...AC frequency

AC frequency setting adjusts how many times the alternating current switches back and forth from electrode positive to electrode negative.

Higher AC frequency settings can be used to focus and pinpoint the arc to an extent.

Higher frequency settings typically require more amperage for a given thickness of aluminum.

That is not a problem if you are using a high amperage machine like the primeweld tig325x or a dynasty 400.

But if you are using a 200amp tig welder like the CK mt200, then higher frequencies limit the overall output and setting to a lower frequency might be necessary to get the job done.

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What is the best affordable tig welder that can tig aluminum?

The Primeweld TIG225 is one of the best affordable tig welders ...period.

See more videos using the PrimeWeld TIG225

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How clean does the aluminum need to be before welding?

it has been said that the 3 c's of learning how to tig aluminum are:

  1. clean
  2. clean
  3. clean

While that is true to an extent, that doesn't mean that the same level of cleaning needs to be used for every piece of aluminum.

Think about it....

A sheet of polished aluminum tread plate does not need the same cleaning operations that a salt water pontoon needs.

In fact, taking a wire brush to polished aluminum tread plate might just get you fired at jobs where the end product needs to be free from brush marks.

Brand new aluminum sheet might only require a wipe down with acetone before being ready to weld.

All that said, certain applications require using an abrasive, or file to provide best results.

plasma cut, laser cut, and saw cut edges will weld a lot better if they are cleaned properly with a dedicated file or abrasive designed for aluminum.

What is the best tig cup for aluminum?

A standard #5 cup is an OK cup to start with.

You can use any tig cup size 4-8 to get started but eventually you might want to upgrade your setup.

The weldmonger® stubby gas lens kit is the best kit for most people wanting better performance out of any tig welder.


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