Tig Welding Machine Videos and a Free no BS TIG workbook

CK worldwide MT200 AC DC TIG welding machine

PrimeWeld TIG225x AC DC tig welding machine 

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primeweld 225 tig with stuff

To me a good tig welding machine is one that has a good crisp low amp start that wont blow holes in thin metal when you start the arc.

A good tig welding machine must also have high freq start, decent duty cycle, and enough power to weld the occasional aluminum block my machinist friend just crashed his tool changer into.

In a nutshell, Its got to have AC and DC current, good low amp starts, and plenty of sack.

2 settings I like on AC are AC balance and AC frequency.

Most every newer tig welding machine has these 2 settings and I probably wouldn't buy a new machine that didn't have both.

Everything else, all the bells and whistles, are gravy...they are much appreciated , but not completely essential.

I have created a No BS TIG workbook for you to help you learn to TIG weld...and its free

Download your Free TIG workbook here

no bs tig workbook

Download your Free TIG workbook here


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