How to Weld Aluminum

If you searched "how to weld aluminum" because you are looking for some clear and concise videos that show you exactly what to do.

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TIG welding is usually slower than MIG but more precise and thinner aluminum can be welded with TIG.

Rule of thumb on this is 1/8" (3.2mm) and thicker aluminum can be welded with MIG. There are exceptions to this rule but its a good starting point.

Here are a few more short videos showing how to weld aluminum using TIG, MIG, and Stick.

more videos on TIG welding Aluminum

What is this thing called "Cleaning Action"?

more videos on TIG welding Aluminum


MIG welding is usually much faster than TIG but less precise and requires a spool gun or special setup like a Teflon liner because aluminum wire is so much softer than steel wire, it is difficult to fee thru a liner.

Even though TIG is more precise and can weld thinner aluminum, MIG is often the best choice for speed as well as portability.

Spool gun setups are more affordable than ever and can even be used on a small, portable, and  affordable machine like the Lincoln 210mp. ( which also runs well off a generator)

The Lincoln spool gun that goes with the 210mp is def not the best spool gun I have ever used but it can usually get the job done.


Stick welding Aluminum is mostly for emergency situations when TIG or MIG are not an option.

It can be a good option for field repairs.

If you are thinking of using Stick for aluminum, make sure to keep rods sealed or in an oven to avoid moisture pickup because aluminum stick rods seem to soak up moisture quickly.

Also, it seems to help to push the puddle to take advantage of any cleaning action from running on DCEP. Direct Current Electrode Positive.

A little known wacky tip is that you can actually tig weld on DCEN using aluminum stick rods for filler metal with the flux left on.

Sounds crazy until you try it and seen that it could actually be used for emergency repairs where you need a bit of precision but are not concerned with overall aesthetics.

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