I have trouble welding downhill root passes.

I have serious problem getting good penetration on downhill root passes. I have gotten certified in the arc and still lack the mig cert for vertical. Instructor is telling me to get on at the mines, they require down hill root pass. Can you help. I sure would appreciate it. Thank you for your time and input.


I think this might help
downhill mig root pass technique

for beveled groove welds, its also very important to have the joint preparation correct.

the bevel is generally 30-37.5 degrees on each plate with a zero- 1/16" land and with a 1/8" gap.

too little bevel angle, too much land, or too narrow a gap will make it hard to penetrate.

17-19 volts using .035" bare wire with about 200-230 ipm is in the ball park.

the settings used for the video on the link above, are listed on the web page.

stay on the front of the puddle and keep gun angle consistent the entire joint.

good luck with your welding test.



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