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I Was wondering if I can get a job

by Joshua
(Alice, Tx., U.S.)

Well, I'm about to take a introduction to pipe welding class in the fall but it's only for 1 semester and I was thinking that it sounds too be good to be true...I mean one semester ain't long...So, my question is will i be able to get a job after completing the intro. to pipe welding class.



For the most part, getting a job depend on being able to pass a welding test. But sometimes experience and documented training can help a lot too.

One semester usually will not be enough to get you to the place where you can take a test with confidence unless you are already a pretty good welder. If you have already mastered plate tests, then yes , one semester can get you there.

But dont let that stop you from taking the class and getting all you can out of it.

You will at least be one step closer to your goals.

best of luck,


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