Inconel, SS test comin up!!!

by Gabe Reyes
(Holden, MO)

First of all these tests are on ss, inconel sch.40, 2", tig root n hot pass, stick out....I have never ran any inconel...I've been told that it runs alot like 309(smaw). Which I'm not a huge fan off!

Whats the best way to run em? I've also been told that once it's time to cap it that I should leave the leads hooked up that same as tig, except for the whip of course. I'm not sure what to do???

N the purge for the inconel should be nitrogen or argon? Any help would b much appreciated!!! Thanks for your time n knowledge!!!


Yes it runs a bit like 309...but not as good.

the tig weld puddle is a bit more sluggish than 309.

make sure and keep the tip of the rod shielded with the torch gas and snip when you restart.

for stick, dcep polarity is usually the ticket.

if the stick rod stub is glowing red , you might need to decrease amperage slightly.

i prefer argon for purge gas.

you might be required to use a certain purge gas by the welding procedure.

thanks and good luck,


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