Internal Concavity ( IC )

Tiging the root on 2"sch. pipe 6G position & capping with mig-6. I"am having problem with please help.

Thats a pretty unusual test.

The problem with mig welding 2" pipe is gun angle and stickout are hard to maintain because you have to reposition your hands and body so quickly. There is just not much time to adjust as the mig gun pumps out weld metal.

many dry runs with the machine off can help.

but only if you are really intentionally thinking about how your hands need to be positioned and making adjustments.

on 2"pipe, you are constantly moving your hands and body . It only takes a few seconds to weld from bottom to top and if gun angle and stickout are jacked up, its easy to cold lap on the top or pile up weld on the bottom.

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