Just another Welder

by Tammy

Wow. I have been welding for 15 yrs. Mig, tig, stick, oxy acetylene.
Yep i've done it all. I have used the Arc Zone Sharpeners at a few jobs. I. Truly liked them.

But I have also used some crazy methods to sharpen. I have recently started a new job, tig and mig welding aluminum. Talk about a chalange. The company has no tungsten sharpener. WTF. Seriously???
I've been using a wheel on a bench grinder that I know its not the correct grit for sharpening.

What about all the aluminum pieces that I see in the wheel? Then let's throw some stainless in there also, cause, well I gotta tig that too.

I think by reading the opinion of the down and dirty welding man, Jody, I feel somewhat better to know that I'm not the only one who sharpens without all that fancy stuff, but it sure would be nicer to have that Arc Zone with the darned expensive wheels. Wanna talk about wire welding aluminum??? Ouch, big learning curve for me, but very cool. Lincoln Power Mig 350 with a push pull gun. Yee haaw

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