Learn How to TIG Weld

I have created a No BS TIG workbook for you to help you learn to TIG weld...and its free

Download your Free TIG workbook here

no bs tig workbook

Download your Free TIG workbook here


I've put together a "short cut" guide to help you learn how to TIG weld.

Maybe you're just a beginner, or maybe you've been welding for a while and you're a little stuck... sometimes it's just something simple holding you back, some little oversight.

I've even created a custom a list of videos to accompany each topic, linked from inside the booklet, where you can watch and read along to really streamline your learning process.

There could be something really good in here for you. And since it's 100% free, you've got nothing to lose and lots of possible gain.

Just add this to your cart go through checkout like you normally would. All we need from you is minimal info (email and address), and it's all yours.

No strings attached. Really.

if you are serious about learning how to TIG weld, this is a no brainer.

The TIG workbook can be printed for a shop guide but also has live links that take you to short concise videos to help you learn how to tig weld.

Starting at setting up a tig welding machine and then explaining all the tig torch parts and cups.

The taking you thru a short journey of tig welding skill exercises that are designed to build the motor skills needed to make good welds.

No fluff, no loud music... no long introductions.

Just quick videos with clear arc shots and short explanations to help you learn how to TIG weld.

This No BS TIG workbook has been updated recently to include videos using the PrimeWeld TIG225x tig welder...with practical information on machine  settings along with how to get the most out the machine.

Tips to help you learn how to TIG weld

  1. Invest in a good TIG welder: that doesn't necessarily an expensive TIG welder but you want to get a good welder from a company who stands behind their products. Miller and Lincoln both have good welders but there are also other options.  2 TIG welders I have selected to sell on my store are PrimeWeld and CK Worldwide. Because both companies take care of any potential issues
  2. Learn the fundamentals of TIG welding: While you are learning how to tig weld, take some time to also learn the fundamentals of the process. An understanding of the fundamentals will help a lot when something goes wrong. When you understand things like the role of gas shielding and what a weld looks like that didn't have proper gas shielding, it makes it easier to improve.
  3. Practice, practice, practice: TIG welding is a skill that requires a lot of practice to master. Start with welding beads on carbon steel plate but just as soon as you feel comfortable with that and are not accidentally dipping your tungsten every bead, switch to aluminum and pad beads...I call this exercise the "aluminum drill" and it will help you learn how to tig weld more than any other training exercise.
  4. Get feedback: It's important to get feedback on your TIG welding technique from experienced welders. Consider joining a welding community online or in-person to get constructive criticism and tips on how to improve your skills. welderskills.com is a great place to learn.
  5. Stay safe: Protect your eyes, ears, and lungs and wear appropriate protective gear, such as welding gloves, a welding helmet, and long-sleeves.

Download the No BS guide to TIG welding and learn how to TIG weld  

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